Hello World!

Yes, hello world, indeed!

Today is the real start of the new year for me.   From this day on, for the rest of this year, I will be working toward 12 goals – 1 for each month over the next year.  You may ask, “Why now?  Why today? ”  Well, really it’s simple –  inspiration came today from someone else doing the same.  This morning I logged onto facebook and saw a friend of a friend doing something similar, and I thought to myself, “I’ve GOT to try this, because everything else has failed.”  I have tried the typical New Year’s resolutions, and like most everyone, forgot about them by mid-January.  Then another attempt – and this is a biggie – I turned 40 this past February!  I had hoped to come into my 40th year with things more in line and certain goals accomplished, but I killed that one too.  Instead, I spent my 39th year wallowing in misery over the thought that I was on the countdown to 40.   And apparently it’s taken me the entire month of March to get over it, because I still haven’t done anything differently since the big 4-0 hit.  But today, I put all that behind me.  I am now on a new mission – to break down my goals into more attainable and short-term tasks.  I think having something specific for each month will keep the task more in the forefront of my jumbled mind, and I will be forced to work it into my crazy schedule.

I have a pretty good idea of what my 12 goals are going to be.  But, since I just decided to take this on about 30 minutes ago, I need to think about the goals a little more through the weekend before I put them in writing.  But… here is number 1 ….

Month 1 / Goal 1 : Start a Blog!

For years I’ve thought about doing a blog, but never had a topic that I was really committed to.  This is the perfect time now – I have a great topic (in my opinion!) a task I want to throw myself into, AND 12 months worth of editorial!   How perfect!  Also, I think this blog will keep me on the straight-and-narrow with my goals.  I believe I will be more accountable if I am tracking my progress in a blog.  Here’s hoping!!

Ok, my first task : define and refine my goals, have them recorded in the blog by Sunday afternoon.   Be sure to check back tomorrow to read all about it!


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