And the winners are….

I’ve thought long and hard.  There are so many things I want to do, or think I should do.  Here’s what made the list.

April 2011 / Goal 1 – Start a Blog

May 2011 / Goal 2 – Find a way to get my husband to communicate better with me and have 2-way conversations so I can stop carrying around a grudge.

June 2011 / Goal 3 – Organize my office and create a more effective calendar system

July 2011 / Goal 4 – Create a Will

August 2011 / Goal 5 – Become a kayaker

September 2011 / Goal 6 -Build a craft / scrapbooking space and start school albums for both kids.

October 2011 / Goal 7 – Enjoy my 10-year wedding anniversary.  No thoughts about how I look in a bathing suit or why my marriage is not perfect or why we could not afford a spectacular vacation.   Just be happy and celebrate the life my husband and I have built together.

November 2011 / Goal 8 – Find a way to be happier with my job

December 2011 / Goal 9 – Have savings for Christmas presents.  Do NOT use credit cards!

January 2012 / Goal 10 – Lose the spare tire

February 2012 / Goal 11 –  Celebrate my 41st birthday as a happier, healthier, less stressed version of myself.

March 2012 / Goal 12 – Learn to make pottery


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