A little bit of progress

It goes without saying that some of my goals cannot be accomplished with just one month of work, ie, save money for Christmas and lose the spare tire.  Many goals will be achieved by hard work throughout the year, which of course I will track and blog.

Tonight I took a baby step toward my December goal of Christmas savings – I clipped coupons!!  I must say, it took forever!  I went through the Rite Aid and grocery store ads and crossed referenced with the coupons from Sunday’s paper.  I put together a shopping list for both stores, and plan to use at least 15 coupons plus some doublers from the Stop & Shop ad.  If all goes well, I should save at least $20.  I’ll then earmark that $20 for my Christmas fund.  Wish me luck… I’ll let you know how I do!

Another thing I’m jumping on now – Goal 10 – loose the spare tire.  I found this great blog today –Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k.  Wow, just what I needed to kick-start the task!  It’s going to be a very rainy week here in my area, so I’m going to do this on my treadmill.  I’ve got a couple weeks of Dancing with the Stars on my DVR, so that will easily keep me going for an hour to log 3.1 miles.  I’m planning to do this tomorrow morning (if I don’t have to take my son to the pedi for a strep test – he’s upstairs hacking away as I type).   If anyone is reading this, why don’t you join me!  It will be fun.  Get out for some fresh air if weather allows, or hit the treadmill.  Let’s do this!


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