Fall cleaning starts

As a person who suffers terribly from allergies, I think fall cleaning is actually more important than the much-publicized spring cleaning. With the windows open and fans running for 5 months, we pull so much dust, pollen and other allergens into the house from May to September. Today I am cleaning out the fans before storing them in the basement. I don’t just give them a quick wipe down… nooo that will not do for an allergy sufferer.   I remove he grates, wash them thoroughly and wipe down the blades and all other internal parts I can get to. I then put bags over them to keep out the winter dust and store them out of the way in the basement. It’s a dirty job; one my husband says is not really worth my time, considering fans don’t cost too much to buy new, but seriously, why would I spend that money when the fans work perfectly fine. It just takes a little time and elbow grease to get them sparkling clean and ready for next year. If you have those large box fans, it helps to clean them in the bathtub.  If the grates are coated with a couple years worth of grime, let them sit in soapy water for a bit, then take a scrub brush to them and hose down with the shower sprayer.  Cleaning them in the bathtub provides a bonus…. a clean bathtub!  Of course you’re going to wash away all the dust that came from the fan.  A quick sprinkle of your favorite bathroom cleaner, swish around with the scrub brush that’s already in your hand, then hose down again.  Woot! We just tackled an unscheduled bathtub cleaning!

I’m also cleaning the ceiling fans and window a/cs today. The ceiling fans collect an astonishing amount of crud.  It’s especially important to clean them well if you run them in the winter to help push the heat around.  I have very high ceilings in my home, so running the fans in reverse does actually make a big difference.  Now as far as cleaning them, Iv’e tried all kinds of fan dusters, swiffers and attachments, but I still end up with dust bunnies in my hair. What I’ve found works best is a simple damp paper towel and plastic grocery bag. wrap the paper towel around the start of the fan blade, then put the shopping bag over the end of the blade, as far as it will go.  Wipe downward toward the bag with the damp paper towel.  The bag will be there to catch any dust bombs that fall off. Once you’ve got the bulk of the dust off, you can go over the blades again with a rag to wipe down any remaining dirt.  Don’t forget to wipe the motor casing.  That collects lots of dust as well.

My goal for tomorrow is to start washing the windows.  That will take a good chunk of time because I have about 35 windows in this darn house :/  Wish me luck!


12 months??

Well now, what on earth happened here?!?  12 goals in 12 months…. hmmm…seems I lost my way somewhere along that time line.  Here it is September 2014… three and a half years after I stated this blog with my intentions of reaching new goals each month to improve my life.  Ha, well done, Girl (insert smirk here).

I am happy to report, however, that all was not lost.  Looking back today at these past goals, I have to smile and pat myself on the back because I did, in fact, accomplish something. Following is a run through of my original goals and where I am today.

1. Start a blog.  Well, I did START the blog.  Unfortunately, the “keep it running” part proved to be a bit out of reach for me.  I find it very ironic that I stopped writing around the same time Pinterest launched. bahahahahah!

2. The Marriage Thing. This one did get worked on.  And on and on and on.  I landed on a therapists couch in June 2011. Three years of therapy and counselling later,  we’re still not a perfect couple.  But I also learned that perfect couples really don’t exist.  Silly me.  I did learn many new tools to handle my anxiety, depression and discontent.  It’s a work in progress still, but so worth working on!  My husband has been a willing participant throughout, but it’s a work in progress for him as well.  Gentle, and not so gentle, reminders are a part of our daily lives.

3. Organize office & calendar.  I’ve done a few clean outs of my office space, but it’s still a mess.  For every 1 item I toss, 2 more land on my desk.  I’m starting to think that office organization can only be obtained after retirement.  As for the calendar, that’s come along nicely thanks to droids and iPhones. Also, the Mr. has taken over a lot of the calendared items.  I don’t even bother myself with soccer game times.  That’s his department.  My system is 3-pronged, based on my Outlook, Mr.’s Outlook, and the family fridge calendar.  All appointments that effect family are scheduled in Outlook with an invite sent to my husband (or vice-versa). These are synched with our phones so we’re alerted if we’re not at our desk. (As an aside, I switched from droid to iphone this year.  I totally prefer droid!  The calendar widget and reminders are so much better.) We then manually add the event to the calendar hanging in the kitchen.  I use Mom’s Family Calendar. It gives lots of space to write in dailies for each family member, has great stickers and a pocket to hold papers.

4. Create a Will.  Gah, not done.  The cobblers kids wear no shoes. (You see, my husband is an attorney.  You’d think we’d have one, right?? ha!)

5. Become a kayaker.  DONE!  Omg, do I love kayaking. We bought 2 beautiful kayaks that each fit a parent & child.  We’ve paddled oceans, lakes and rivers from New Hampshire to Florida over the past few years.  I’ve found the utmost serenity by waking up at dawn and getting out on the lake before anyone else has touched the water.  Being alone with nature and wildlife in silence with my kayak is about as wonderful as a morning can get.

6. Build a craft space.  I’ve completed that task, but it’s a pretty crowded, disorganized space.  I might add this to my next set of goals.

7. Happy 10th Anniversary. Mission accomplished! My husband and I took a wonderful trip to Florida without the kids.  That was the first trip we’ve had without the kids in years. We explored the everglades, fed an alligator, hung out by the beach, and sipped cocktails in the Keys.  We were happy and in love.  So much that we decided to go again for our 12th anniversary.

8. Be happier at work.  I’ve been working on little ways to make myself feel happier and valuable, like taking on more creative tasks and forcing myself to interact more with coworkers.

9. Christmas savings.  I can’t remember how I did with this goal, but my credit card debt is still pretty high, so I’m guessing I failed at it.

10. Lose the spare tire. Ummm… still working on this one.

11. Enjoy my 41st year.  I’m sure I had a fun birthday, but overall I was completely buried in stress, anxiety and depression. Luckily though, I think I’m easing up a bit on myself as I age. I’m now 43 and feel a lot more content. I still have lots I want to work on, but I don’t beat myself up as much as I used to.

12. Learn to make pottery. Accomplished! I started taking pottery lessons in January 2012. I’m going into my 3rd year as a studio member, and I’m loving every minute of it!  It feels so good when I turn out a beautiful piece of handmade pottery.  I’ve since bought my own wheel for my house so I can work at home when the studio is closed.  One of my new goals is going to be setting up a proper studio space for myself here at the house.

Looking back at the list, I realize that, though I didn’t accomplish all my goals, I still have done much to be proud of.  I am a work in progress and there will always be bumps in the road.  I’m looking forward to coming up with new goals for myself, continuing to work on the previous goals, and staying accountable with this blog!