Old dry sink turned sleek modern liquor cabinet

I needed to come up with a solution to our adult beverage situation.  My husband and I entertain at our house a lot, and we also enjoy our own post-work quiet time with a vodka tonic (or two).  We therefore have quite an extensive collection of alcohol and it all sits on one of our kitchen counters, since we access it daily.   It took up so much valuable counter space and it was a total eyesore and embarrassment when anyone new came into our home.  I wanted to find a liquor cabinet/server that will hide all the bottles and have space for us to mix our drinks, and be the right size to fit on our main floor so it can be easily accessed.  I searched furniture stores and online for just the right item, but everything I saw that met my requirements was over $1000.  No way would I pay that much money just to hide our everyday liquors.  Then one day I was browsing a thrift store and found a beat-up ugly old dry sink, and thought, “Well now, that just might work as a liquor cabinet!”  I bought the chunky old cabinet for $50 and got to work on refinishing it to turn it into the modernized idea of what I had in my head. Here are the before and after pictures:

The crowded counter top, which is now a pretty coffee station:


My ugly dry sink, turned beautiful liquor cabinet:




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