Mi Casita

My December goal is done…. I got my little beach house! My goal to make it through the holidays and the house closing without too much stress was realized.  Well, I wouldn’t say there was NO stress.  All the various players involved in my life during the month made sure there was plenty!  My mortgage officer and title rep turned into the Wicked Witch of the West and her evil twin sister.  The sellers played every game possible to delay the closing. My realtor was a complete putz. And then all the family around during the holidays…ughh, all I can say is, thank god for liquor stores.  But, at least the house is mine now and I’m completely in love with it.  It needs a TON of work and it will be a while before it’s totally livable, but I’m still happy. I have a contractor in there remodeling the kitchen and main bathroom.  They both needed to be gutted because of rot.  My husband and I painted most of the rooms and scrubbed all the tile floors.  My mother got down there with a toothbrush to get the grout really clean.  God bless her willingness! It’s coming together, slowly but surely.