I’ve been a busy bee! Really….

Ok, so apparently I suck at blogging. I started this blog to keep accountable with my goals, but I keep forgetting to blog my progress. Duh! Regardless of my failure to post, I promise, I’ve been keeping a good pace toward this year’s goals. I have proof!  Here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post:

1. I’m buying a vacation home!  I came up with this crazy idea in April when I last visited my mom in Florida; and made it a goal to reach before the end of this year.  I started a serious house hunt in September. I’ve been practically living on Zillow since the summer and lately feel closer to my realtor than I do to my husband…ha!  Luckily that will all slow down now that we’re in escrow and nearing our closing date.  Yay!  Stay tuned for all the fun projects involved with this new adventure!

2. Another goal was to come up with a solution to our adult beverage situation.  My husband and I entertain at our house a lot, and we also enjoy our own post-work quiet time with a vodka tonic (or two).  We therefore have quite an extensive collection of alcohol and it all sits on one of our kitchen counters, since we access it daily.   It took up so much valuable counter space and it was a total eyesore and embarrassment when anyone new came into our home.  I wanted to find a liquor cabinet/server that will hide all the bottles and have space for us to mix our drinks, and be the right size to fit on our main floor so it can be easily accessed.  I searched furniture stores and online for just the right item, but everything I saw that met my requirements was over $1000.  No way would I pay that much money just to hide our everyday liquors.  Then one day I was browsing a thrift store and found a beat-up ugly old dry sink, and thought, “Well now, that just might work as a liquor cabinet!”  I bought the chunky old cabinet for $50 and got to work on refinishing it to turn it into the modernized idea of what I had in my head. Here are the before and after pictures:

The crowded counter top, which is now a pretty coffee station:


My ugly dry sink, turned beautiful liquor cabinet:



3.  I worked on another furniture project that had been sitting on my to-do list for well over a year.  I got a kids bedroom set for free from a neighbor, who was updating her now teenage daughters bedroom.   I needed more storage in my master bathroom, so put the nightstand in there to hold toiletries.  But it sat there for over a year with stained wood and little kid draw pulls.  Not quite a good look for a master bath.  My before and after:


4. And one more furniture project that was a year-long goal — my kitchen table.  I purchased this very expensive kitchen dining set a few years ago from a popular local furniture store chain. The set looked so lovely and well made, so I shelled out $800+ for it.  After about a year of use, the table started getting sticky and stained.  My kids homework would stick to it, and the table would look worse after wiping it down.  Clearly there was an issue with the finish.  I called in on the warrantee and was told the table would need to be replaced.  So I got a brand spanking new table, and within 1 year the same thing started happening!  I called the store again and was told by the repair vendor they used that the finish is made with cheap chinese chemicals and the same thing would happen each time I got a new table through the warantee. So I said screw it, I’m not going to live with this eye sore for a table – I’ll just refinish it properly myself.  Oh boy was that a major project to take on!!  I had to sand the table all the way down to blonde wood to get rid of all the crappy chinese finish. This project took me weeks!! I’m happy to say that I finally finished it!  Here is my lovely newly refinished table (and a very cute model!):

refinished kitchen table

For my next month’s goal, I’m going to focus on getting through escrow and closing before the end of the year, and with as little stress as possible.  Stay tuned! And have a Happy Thanksgiving 😀


Don’t you hate it when…

Lipton iced tea has been on sale at my local grocer, so I purchased a few jugs of diet citrus flavored iced tea.  It’s so yummy, I’ve been drinking it daily (and also at night with a splash of vodka to help me wind down).   Well get this… today I just realized that I accidentally picked up the regular one at the store instead of DIET!!  I’m so mad…I’ve been taking in SO many calories!!!   Don’t you think the regular and diet versions of all drinks should have totally different label designs so they can be differentiated more easily?  This happens to me frequently with Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.  That label is the exact same look at Caffeine Free Pepsi with all the sugar.  What are they trying to do to us??  Listen up beverage companies..make it a little easier, please!!



And the winners are….

I’ve thought long and hard.  There are so many things I want to do, or think I should do.  Here’s what made the list.

April 2011 / Goal 1 – Start a Blog

May 2011 / Goal 2 – Find a way to get my husband to communicate better with me and have 2-way conversations so I can stop carrying around a grudge.

June 2011 / Goal 3 – Organize my office and create a more effective calendar system

July 2011 / Goal 4 – Create a Will

August 2011 / Goal 5 – Become a kayaker

September 2011 / Goal 6 -Build a craft / scrapbooking space and start school albums for both kids.

October 2011 / Goal 7 – Enjoy my 10-year wedding anniversary.  No thoughts about how I look in a bathing suit or why my marriage is not perfect or why we could not afford a spectacular vacation.   Just be happy and celebrate the life my husband and I have built together.

November 2011 / Goal 8 – Find a way to be happier with my job

December 2011 / Goal 9 – Have savings for Christmas presents.  Do NOT use credit cards!

January 2012 / Goal 10 – Lose the spare tire

February 2012 / Goal 11 –  Celebrate my 41st birthday as a happier, healthier, less stressed version of myself.

March 2012 / Goal 12 – Learn to make pottery


Hello World!

Yes, hello world, indeed!

Today is the real start of the new year for me.   From this day on, for the rest of this year, I will be working toward 12 goals – 1 for each month over the next year.  You may ask, “Why now?  Why today? ”  Well, really it’s simple –  inspiration came today from someone else doing the same.  This morning I logged onto facebook and saw a friend of a friend doing something similar, and I thought to myself, “I’ve GOT to try this, because everything else has failed.”  I have tried the typical New Year’s resolutions, and like most everyone, forgot about them by mid-January.  Then another attempt – and this is a biggie – I turned 40 this past February!  I had hoped to come into my 40th year with things more in line and certain goals accomplished, but I killed that one too.  Instead, I spent my 39th year wallowing in misery over the thought that I was on the countdown to 40.   And apparently it’s taken me the entire month of March to get over it, because I still haven’t done anything differently since the big 4-0 hit.  But today, I put all that behind me.  I am now on a new mission – to break down my goals into more attainable and short-term tasks.  I think having something specific for each month will keep the task more in the forefront of my jumbled mind, and I will be forced to work it into my crazy schedule.

I have a pretty good idea of what my 12 goals are going to be.  But, since I just decided to take this on about 30 minutes ago, I need to think about the goals a little more through the weekend before I put them in writing.  But… here is number 1 ….

Month 1 / Goal 1 : Start a Blog!

For years I’ve thought about doing a blog, but never had a topic that I was really committed to.  This is the perfect time now – I have a great topic (in my opinion!) a task I want to throw myself into, AND 12 months worth of editorial!   How perfect!  Also, I think this blog will keep me on the straight-and-narrow with my goals.  I believe I will be more accountable if I am tracking my progress in a blog.  Here’s hoping!!

Ok, my first task : define and refine my goals, have them recorded in the blog by Sunday afternoon.   Be sure to check back tomorrow to read all about it!