So things were going along smoothly with the vacation home purchase and we were on track to close by Dec. 30.  Then yesterday I was hit with a little surprise – the current owners had their contract fall through on two different offers, so now they need to remain in the house as tenants.  Ugh!! I was so excited to get in the house and start fixing it up – especially since my office is closed through the holidays.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  On the one hand, I can charge them a hefty rent and get a few months of mortgage paid. On the flip side – they’re not the cleanest nor most responsible home owners.  I’m really not keen on messy people living in a house that I own.  Also, my insurance rate will need to be increased if I have full time tenants. Such a pain in the butt to have to deal with that! Any advice would be greatly accepted!


A little bit of progress

It goes without saying that some of my goals cannot be accomplished with just one month of work, ie, save money for Christmas and lose the spare tire.  Many goals will be achieved by hard work throughout the year, which of course I will track and blog.

Tonight I took a baby step toward my December goal of Christmas savings – I clipped coupons!!  I must say, it took forever!  I went through the Rite Aid and grocery store ads and crossed referenced with the coupons from Sunday’s paper.  I put together a shopping list for both stores, and plan to use at least 15 coupons plus some doublers from the Stop & Shop ad.  If all goes well, I should save at least $20.  I’ll then earmark that $20 for my Christmas fund.  Wish me luck… I’ll let you know how I do!

Another thing I’m jumping on now – Goal 10 – loose the spare tire.  I found this great blog today –Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k.  Wow, just what I needed to kick-start the task!  It’s going to be a very rainy week here in my area, so I’m going to do this on my treadmill.  I’ve got a couple weeks of Dancing with the Stars on my DVR, so that will easily keep me going for an hour to log 3.1 miles.  I’m planning to do this tomorrow morning (if I don’t have to take my son to the pedi for a strep test – he’s upstairs hacking away as I type).   If anyone is reading this, why don’t you join me!  It will be fun.  Get out for some fresh air if weather allows, or hit the treadmill.  Let’s do this!


And the winners are….

I’ve thought long and hard.  There are so many things I want to do, or think I should do.  Here’s what made the list.

April 2011 / Goal 1 – Start a Blog

May 2011 / Goal 2 – Find a way to get my husband to communicate better with me and have 2-way conversations so I can stop carrying around a grudge.

June 2011 / Goal 3 – Organize my office and create a more effective calendar system

July 2011 / Goal 4 – Create a Will

August 2011 / Goal 5 – Become a kayaker

September 2011 / Goal 6 -Build a craft / scrapbooking space and start school albums for both kids.

October 2011 / Goal 7 – Enjoy my 10-year wedding anniversary.  No thoughts about how I look in a bathing suit or why my marriage is not perfect or why we could not afford a spectacular vacation.   Just be happy and celebrate the life my husband and I have built together.

November 2011 / Goal 8 – Find a way to be happier with my job

December 2011 / Goal 9 – Have savings for Christmas presents.  Do NOT use credit cards!

January 2012 / Goal 10 – Lose the spare tire

February 2012 / Goal 11 –  Celebrate my 41st birthday as a happier, healthier, less stressed version of myself.

March 2012 / Goal 12 – Learn to make pottery


Hello World!

Yes, hello world, indeed!

Today is the real start of the new year for me.   From this day on, for the rest of this year, I will be working toward 12 goals – 1 for each month over the next year.  You may ask, “Why now?  Why today? ”  Well, really it’s simple –  inspiration came today from someone else doing the same.  This morning I logged onto facebook and saw a friend of a friend doing something similar, and I thought to myself, “I’ve GOT to try this, because everything else has failed.”  I have tried the typical New Year’s resolutions, and like most everyone, forgot about them by mid-January.  Then another attempt – and this is a biggie – I turned 40 this past February!  I had hoped to come into my 40th year with things more in line and certain goals accomplished, but I killed that one too.  Instead, I spent my 39th year wallowing in misery over the thought that I was on the countdown to 40.   And apparently it’s taken me the entire month of March to get over it, because I still haven’t done anything differently since the big 4-0 hit.  But today, I put all that behind me.  I am now on a new mission – to break down my goals into more attainable and short-term tasks.  I think having something specific for each month will keep the task more in the forefront of my jumbled mind, and I will be forced to work it into my crazy schedule.

I have a pretty good idea of what my 12 goals are going to be.  But, since I just decided to take this on about 30 minutes ago, I need to think about the goals a little more through the weekend before I put them in writing.  But… here is number 1 ….

Month 1 / Goal 1 : Start a Blog!

For years I’ve thought about doing a blog, but never had a topic that I was really committed to.  This is the perfect time now – I have a great topic (in my opinion!) a task I want to throw myself into, AND 12 months worth of editorial!   How perfect!  Also, I think this blog will keep me on the straight-and-narrow with my goals.  I believe I will be more accountable if I am tracking my progress in a blog.  Here’s hoping!!

Ok, my first task : define and refine my goals, have them recorded in the blog by Sunday afternoon.   Be sure to check back tomorrow to read all about it!