Don’t you hate it when…

Lipton iced tea has been on sale at my local grocer, so I purchased a few jugs of diet citrus flavored iced tea.  It’s so yummy, I’ve been drinking it daily (and also at night with a splash of vodka to help me wind down).   Well get this… today I just realized that I accidentally picked up the regular one at the store instead of DIET!!  I’m so mad…I’ve been taking in SO many calories!!!   Don’t you think the regular and diet versions of all drinks should have totally different label designs so they can be differentiated more easily?  This happens to me frequently with Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.  That label is the exact same look at Caffeine Free Pepsi with all the sugar.  What are they trying to do to us??  Listen up beverage companies..make it a little easier, please!!